Winning is infectious… but so is bacteria.  


ELITE Ozone uses a natural gas with strong oxidizing properties, Ozone, to clean and sanitize sports equipment fibers, penetrate the bacteria, and kill odours.

sani sport technology

Sani Sport has the shortest cycle time out of all the machines in the sports equipment cleaning industry. Sani Sport supplies machines to 90% of NHL teams, 15 NFL teams and various military and law enforcement agencies. Sani Sport is the only sports equipment cleaner with third party certification from UL and CE.

​How Does Ozone Work?

Ozone is a natural gas with strong oxidizing properties. O3, as it is often referred to, opens sports equipment fibers to penetrate the bacteria. Ozone kills germs 3200 times quicker than chlorine bleach. Sani Sport’s ozone equipment cleaning machine reduces the potential for infection to protect athletes.

frequently asked questions

Perspiration from strenuous activity allows bacteria to develop within your athletic equipment which can lead to serious staph infections like MRSA. If not aired out, mold fungus and mildew can all create a home in your sports gear.


No, however, you will notice a reduction in odor. A regular sanitizing schedule and proper care of your gear will, over a period of time, eliminate the odour. The odour did not appear over night and, therefore, it will not be eliminated 100% immediately.


There is no way to determine how long the treatment will last with each individual. Individual perspiration and how often a player is using their gear plays a major roll in how often you should sanitize your equipment.

Skates and gloves are the most difficult to treat. Airing out your equipment after use is important to extend the effectiveness of the treatment.


The cycle is 16 minutes, a little more for loading and unloading the machine. Goalie gear will need to fit into two cycles as all the equipment does not fit into one load. Approximately 30-40 minutes.


No, our process uses a natural gas called ozone to kill the bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses. Our system is completely dry so there is no waste, water or chemicals.


No, we do not wash your equipment, we simply sanitize it killing 99% of the bacteria. Because we do not use water or chemicals to clean the equipment, your gear will look the same as when it went in.


We recommend sanitizing your equipment monthly if it is being used on a regular basis. Your equipment is designed to protect you, not keep you off the ice or field with an illness.


It is recommended that your equipment be dry when dropped off. It can be sanitized damp but remember to air it out once you get home.

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